What is a SecOps?

Security Operations (SecOps) is a collaboration between security and IT operations teams, where security and operations staff assume joint ownership and responsibility for security concerns. It is a set of SOC processes, practices and tools which can help organizations meet security goals more efficiently.

Before SecOps

In the past, operations and security teams had conflicting goals. Operations was responsible for setting up systems to achieve uptime and performance goals. Security was responsible for verifying a checklist of regulatory or compliance requirements, closing security holes and putting defenses in place.

In this environment, security was a burden—perceived as something that slows down operations and creates overhead. But in reality, security is part of the requirements of every IT system, just like uptime, performance or basic functionality.

After SecOps

SecOps combines operations and security teams into one organization. Security is “shifting left”—instead of coming in at the end of the process, it is present at the beginning, when requirements are stated and systems are designed. Instead of having ops set up a system, then having security come in to secure it, systems are built from the get go with security in mind.

Towards DevSecOps

SecOps has additional implications in organizations which practice DevOps—joining development and operations teams into one group with shared responsibility for IT systems. In this environment, SecOps involves even broader cooperation—between security, ops and software development teams. This is known as DevSecOps. It shifts security even further left—baking security into systems from the first iteration of development.

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