Cyber Exposure Assessment

Know At All Times How Exposed You Are To Cyber Threats

What is Cyber Exposure?

The exposure of any weakness (vulnerabilities/misconfigurations) in an organisation’s public facing infrastructure that poses the risk of a breach or a compromise is termed as cyber exposure. It is critical for organisations to have continuous visibility of their cyber exposures and the corresponding business risk in order to protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

Why do you need visibility of your organisation’s cyber exposure?

Most organisations realise the security risk associated with rapidly growing networks and are finding it hard to stay on top of the number of systems being deployed in their environment and the security of these systems being tested before they go live. Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on externally facing assets are the two most common methods used by attackers to breach an organisation’s network.

To prevent a successful breach, organisations need continuous visibility of their cyber exposures to remediate them and thus reduce the attack surface and probability of becoming compromised.

Visibility of cyber exposure is essential for a variety of reasons such as when running specific external scans to prove compliance to standards such as PCI, ISO 27001 or ASD essential 8 or government regulations such as Privacy Act, Data Breach Notification Law, GDPR etc.

While most organisations run external scans to identify which assets are externally visible, what vulnerabilities exist on these assets and what is the risk of a compromise associated with each vulnerability.

Several regulatory compliance standards and frameworks dictate that vulnerability scanning should be an integral part of every organisation’s security programme.

What is our cyber exposure assessment service?

CyberHIA's cyber exposure assessment service provides organisations with regular visibility of weaknesses that exist on your externally facing infrastructure and are exposed to the world along with the associated risks that could lead to an information security breach of your organisation and potential data loss.

CyberHIA's service does this by executing the following actions:

  • Running regular external vulnerability and compliance scans on your public IP range.
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities/misconfigurations/compliance failures based on your business profile, risk and compliance requirements.
  • Providing a report with detailed recommendations on how to remediate these vulnerabilities/misconfigurations/compliance failures.
  • Accessing Cloud Managed portal to analyse vulnerabilities and run additional scans.

This service delivers a report every month providing your organisation with an action plan on what issues to remediate in order of severity. This affords you the maximum protection from external threats using minimal effort.

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